How to Help
Opportunities for Involvement

One of the many things the Magic of Mittens Program is passionate about is getting others involved! “I believe in the goodness of others and the idea people want to help they just don’t always have the avenue in which to do so” The Magic of Mittens program provides very easy opportunities for people to truly make a difference. From sponsoring a whole family at Christmas, to donating a single item or giving the gift of your time. There is a way for anyone that wants to help, to make a difference!

The Magic of Mittens program especially loves involving groups in the community from student organizations at the middle and high school to local area fire departments and businesses. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing what miracles can happen when caring people put their hands and hearts together!! 

Think of your own idea how you would like to help! We love seeing what/how others want to help! Some of our best involvement has been ideas from individuals reaching out wanting to help make a difference!!!!

One of our favorite things about our organization is the community involvement we receive!

We love matching up volunteers with an individual child. Please get
in contact and let me know if you would like to sponsor a boy, a girl or either one. I try and have all of our children sponsored by late October- early November. This way volunteers have plenty of time to get their “Mitten Child covered” before their own holiday festivities get so busy. We have been told over and over how much people love our timing which allows them to kick off the season in the best way possible!! When you are signing up to sponsor a child you will receive directions with the 3 requested items for that child. The first item is always an item of necessity (an outfit) the other two items are items off that child’s wish list.

Many people like to make sure the whole family is being covered.  Often volunteers ask to cover a family with the same number of children they have!  We would like to cover a family with 2 boys and a girl. Some request certain number of children and a single mom i.e. We would love to sponsor a family with 2 children and a single mom.  Once again, the earlier you get in touch with me the easier, I can match you up with your request. Very easy specific directions will be sent to you with requested items as well as when items are due.

Throughout the year we have drop off locations for individual gifts and items. Please check our site for requests and locations.


We absolutely love involving students and are happy to include them in ways to earn volunteer community service hours,

We are always looking for new backpacks and items that can be used for our single mom baskets. Please contact us if you would like to provide either of these items.

We will be hosting drop off sites as well as events to help get ready for “our Mitten Season” in July. If you would like to host your own Christmas in July event please let us know. During this time we collect items that we can never have enough of i.e. Backpacks, Legos, board games, children’s books, puzzles etc.


As always one of the biggest ways you can help us is by sharing our information with your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers etc. Encourage others to get involved! When you partner with a friend to cover a larger family that is such an incredible help to us! When you ask your office to make a donation that could mean we can sponsor 20-30 more children!!!!! Any way you can spread our mission is another child we can bring the magic to!!!!! It is all of you who makes the magic!!!!

Our mission

To bring the Magic and Love of Christmas to local children in need by sharing the true spirit of Giving.