Our family is so thankful to be a part of The Magic of Mittens because helping out local children and families truly is the spirit of Christmas.  Having been able to teach our own kids about the true gift of giving is a huge blessing and we will forever be thankful for this amazing program
My dearest friend, Beth Grogan, who has the biggest heart in the world, has always been so thoughtful to make the magic come alive to those kids who need our help.  For the past 10+ years our family has adopted a family through the Magic of Mittens Program.  Our boys love to shop for the Christmas gifts and it makes them so happy to share the magic of Christmas.
Beth Grogan and the Mittens Program has had an incredible impact for our families at our school. Our school has the largest population of migrant farm worker families in Manatee County, all of whom work countless hours each day to provide the basics for their loved ones. Christmas presents, unfortunately, are a luxury to a large portion of not just our school’s population, but the state’s population in general. With the unwavering support of the Mittens Program that luxury can become a reality to hundreds of families throughout this county.
Mittens not only makes me feel like I am giving back to my community, but it allows me to teach my own children this valuable lesson in such a fun and memorable way. I hope the gift of giving is an act my own children will continue throughout their lives.

Our mission

To bring the Magic and Love of Christmas to local children in need by sharing the true spirit of Giving.